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Small Time Giants + Unison Strings Orchestra LIVE in Ilulissat Oct. 2018

About the video

This concert film is from our concert with the great Greenlandic band, Small Time Giants, in 2018. It was a magical experience, that will forever be in our hearts. The film is produced and edited by the two amazing Greenlandic artists, Jens Christian "Jaqqi" Lyberth Lennert (Ariu Imaging) and Anda Otto Schmidt (Andachan).

Unison Strings Festival - Qanorooq (2018)

About the clip

This clip is from Qanorooq local TV from Ilulissat. It portrays Unison Strings Festival with both interviews and clips from one of the orchestra rehearsals.

Unison Strings Festival - KNR TV (2016)

About the clip

This clip is from the closing concert at Taseralik Cultural Centre in Sisimiut, april 2016. Here, the Unison Strings Orchestra is performing a medley from Pirates of the Caribbean.

The clip starts at 20:50.

Unison Strings Festival - documentary

About the documentary

In 2015 Unison Strings Festival had its debut.

Students and teachers from Sisimiut, Uummannaq, Aarhus and Reykjavík was gathered in Sisimiut to participate in the festival, and here you can see how the it all went. 

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