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What is Unison Strings Festival?

Unison Strings Festival is an annual classical festival for string students and teachers from
Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Denmark.

But it is so much more...

By giving the children and young people in the north the opportunity to meet and play music together, we hope to inspire and motivate the students to continue playing, while experiencing how the music brings people together. The students will hopefully learn something new, get more training, fine tune their technique, experience the differences (and the similarities!) between the four countries. As northerners we are bound together by history. All countries are connected, and therefore it's important to meet and learn about each other. As music is a common language, we are able to talk and understand each other.

We wanted to make a common ground where people who would like to learn, play or just experience music, could have a chance to meet - whether it's a student, a professional musician or a concertgoer.

We all have a lot to offer. How does icelandic folk music sound compared to danish or faroese folk music? How is the greenlandic drum dance tradition different from the traditional scandinavian way of playing music - and how is drum dancing present in modern day Greenland? This kind of understanding is important for us to pass on to the students, teachers and audience, and that's why there will be traditional music from all four countries, besides the classical repertoire.

The greenlandic music scene is blossoming these years, and that is why the festival is held there - to support the growing music culture in Greenland. These are the reasons that Unison Strings Festival was founded.

The word unison was chosen, because unison in some way is the musical term for unity, and that is what we want the participants to feel like: as a part of a larger whole.

The students will meet for about a week, to receive lessons and participate in workshops, such as:

  • Individual lessons

  • Chamber music

  • Orchestra

  • Masterclasses

  • Rhythm and ear training (for younger students)

  • String Games (for younger students)

The classes will be held by professional musicians, who knows how to meet the students and carry them further on their musical journey, from the point where they are now.

Besides classes, there will also be time for social activities, such as hiking, boat trips and outdoor games.

The  festival will end  will a couple of concerts, where the students can show what they have learned throughout the week.

We hope everyone will have a great time!

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